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Repair Work

Repair Work

All your needs are covered:

Whether we're re-stringing, re-setting your acoustic neck, modding your electronics, or fully restoring your instrument we're here to work with you.

To set up a consultation please call (317) 502-9184 or check out our Custom Repair Quote.

         **Disclaimer: All equipment is different and all prices will be assigned appropriately for work requested and required. Our goal is to help you, the customer or musician to achieve the best playing potential for your individual piece of equipment. We will be fair, honest, and upfront regarding any work during the process. All final quotes will be assigned in person upon drop off, but please use our estimate form for an initial quote and to set an appointment.



6 String

$20 Plus Strings (includes cleaning)

12 String

$35 Plus Strings (includes Cleaning)

Classical, Mandolin, Banjo

$30 Plus Strings (includes Cleaning)

Floyd Rose

$35 Plus Strings (includes Cleaning)





Fret Dress/Basic Set Up



(Mandolins, Floating Bridges, Banjos, Classical Guitars)


Fret Dress/Advanced Set Up


Floyd Rose


Fret Dress/Floyd Set Up




Contact Cleaning


 Basic Electronics Cleaning (w/ Soldering)

$25 +

Advanced Electronics Cleaning


Diagnostics Bench Fee


Hollow Body


Shield Cavity

$50 + Material

Pick-up Installs

Electric Guitar


$20.00 for each additional

(50% off w/ pick-up purchase)

EMG Active Pick-up Install


Strat Noiseless Pick-up Install


Ribbon Transducer (Under-saddle) Pick-up Install


Piezo Saddle Pick-up Install

$75.00 + Parts or modification

Acoustic Wiring/Electronics

Install Ribbon Transducer (Under-saddle) Pickup

$75 + (Free w/ Pickup purchase from IST)

Install Bridge-plate Transducer Pickup System

$75 + (Free w/ Pickup purchase from IST)

Install Taylor Expression System

$75 +

Replace Output Jack

$25 + Part

Repair or Replace Pre-amp System

(Case-by-case Basis)


Pots & Other Parts

Replace Pot(s)

(1) $30 + Parts

(2) $40 + Parts

(3) $50 + Parts

(4) $60 + Parts

Replace Output Jack

$20-25 + Part

Replace Les Paul (3-way) Switch

$30 + Part

Replace Strat (5-way) Switch

$45 + Part

Install Push/Pull Pot(s)

(1) $40 + Parts

(2) $55 + Parts

(3) $70 + Parts

(4) $85 + Parts

 Install Killswitch

$30 + Part


Advanced Modifications

Rout Flat Body

$75 (1st pickup) / $50 (each after)

Rout Carved Body

$90 (1st pickup) / $75 (each after)

Rout Pickguard

$40 (1st pickup) / $30 (each after)

Full Re-wire

$125 +

Hollow Body Re-wire


Invent Wiring Schematic

$50-150 (Case-by-case basis)


Amplifier Repair

Retube and Bias

$60-80 + Tubes

Speaker Replacement

Direct Drop-in Speaker swap

$30-50 (first) / $20 (each after first)

Inspection and General Cleaning


Component Replacement

$50 + Parts

All other work determined/priced on a case-by-case basis


General Fretwork

Re-crown Frets






File Fret Ends


Re-seat Fret

$10 for first; $5 for each after

Spot Level


Replace 1-3 Frets

$45; $20 / each 3 after

*$10 Upcharge for binding


Full Re-refretting

Re-fret Rosewood


Rosewood w/ Binding


Re-fret Maple


Maple w/ Binding


Stainless Steel Frets ADD


* Full Re-fret jobs include a new nut and set-up in price

Fret-board refinishing

Refinish Gloss fret-board


Refinish Satin fret-board



Structural Repairs

Cracked Headstock Basic

$100 + (Simple repair minimal/no touch-up required)

Cracked Headstock Advanced

$200 + (Involved repair spline and/or significant touch-up required)

Neck Reset (Set-neck Solid Body)

$450.00 (Set up and new saddle required)

(Vintage instruments may accrue up-charge)

Neck Reset (Set-neck Archtop/Hollow)

$400.00 (Vintage instruments may accrue up-charge)

Fit Bolt-on Neck (No Drilling)


Fit Bolt-on Neck (w/ Drilling)


Dowel and Fill Mounting Holes


Heat Press Neck


Binding re-glue

$10-100 (Variable depending on amount of separated binding)

Body Crack Repair 1-3" 

$50 +

Binding re-glue

$10-100 (Variable depending on amount of separated binding)

Other repairs or Rebuilding quoted on case-by-case basis


Nut Work

Shim/Re-cut nut


Fill Nut Slot

$10.00 (First free w/ Set-up, $2 each after)

Lower Nut Slot

$10.00 (Free w/ Set-up)

Nut Replacement

Acoustic Nut Replace & Install

$50.00-$60.00 + Material

12-String Nut Replace & Install

$100.00 + Material

Difficult nut removal


* We use natural bone blanks for custom cut nuts unless you request a different material be used. Bone blanks usually cost $8.95. Plastic, Graphite, Synthetic, and Brass/Steel are also available by request, but material costs will vary.


Bridge Work

Bridge Reglue


Poly Bridge Reglue


Classical Bridge Reglue


Plane Bridge


Rout Saddle Slot

$80.00 (Set up and new saddle required)

Build New Bridge

$300.00 (Set up and new saddle required)

Replace Bridge Plate


Tuning machines

Direct Drop-in 6-string


Direct Drop-in 12-string


Install w/ Modification 6-string


Install w/ Modification 12-string



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