Our Team

Together, we at Indy String Theory aim to offer you:

  • An honest, hard working team aimed at serving the local music community
  • A safe, trustworthy place to bring your personal instrument for repair, mods, or custom work.
  • A relaxed demo-friendly environment to experience new, used, boutique, and up-and-coming products
  • A solid knowledge of our products and the companies that make them

Brent Schindler

Brent is from Indianapolis, IN and is Co-Owner of Indy String Theory, General Manager, and Luthier. He runs the day-to-day operations of the store drawing on his past retail and management experience. He works with our brands and partners aiming to bring a refreshing look to the meaning of "Guitar Shop" to Indianapolis. He also does repair work specializing in structural integrity repairs and fretwork, and builds instruments for White River Dulcimer Co.

He has a music business background as a member of an international touring and recording act, and has two diplomas in Guitar Repair & Building, and Guitar Production and Design from Minnesota State College Southeast Technical in Red Wing, MN. His main instrument is bass guitar but he also sings, plays guitar, drums, and a bit of everything here and there. He currently plays on and off with three different local acts.


MIchael Opp

Michael is from Jamestown, ND and is Co-Owner of Indy String Theory, woodshop foreman, and our folk and early music expert. He spends most of his days in shop working on and managing White River Dulcimer Co., and helping to build custom instruments and projects for the store. Mike is our expert on folk instrument repair, but enjoys the ins and outs of wiring and building pickups. He is also responsible for our awesome wooden tags as he is a programming wizard on our CAD and automation side.

Michael has a degree in Music from the University of Minnesota at Moorehead, and diplomas in Guitar Repair & Building, and Guitar Production and Design from Minnesota State Southeast Tech in Red Wing, MN. His main instrument is the hurdy gurdy but he also plays bass, guitar, hammered dulcimer, a variety of folk instruments, and is proficient in the Jaw Harp.


Steve Pavelko

Steve is from Milwaukee, WI and is our newest luthier to join the team. He handles a majority of customer repair work and has an eye and sharp mind for wiring and electronics. He is our parts and project specialist, and is proficient in a variety of in depth repairs. Steve will also be an integral part of IST's future in house custom builds.

He has a degree is in Speech Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Steve is also a graduate of Southeast Tech and has High Honors Diplomas in both Guitar Repair & Building, and Guitar Production and Design. His main instrument is guitar, and he builds a variety of pedal kits and partscasters in his spare time. He is also our MLB standings ledger, and ridiculous quote purveyor. He is a die-hard Brewers fan in a sea of Cubs and Reds fans.


Mike Humann

Mike is another face you'll see around the shop. He is also from Jamestown, ND but comes to us via Denver, CO, and is our resident hammered dulcimer expert. Mike's time in shop is spent helping to manage White River Dulcimer Co. He is our set up guy, making sure each hammered dulcimer has properly placed and intonated bridges. He also makes hammers for WRDC. You may also see him while vending on behalf of IST and WRDC alike. 

Mike has a degree in Music from the University of Minnesota at Moorehead and many years in music performance. He is currently learning to use CAD software and is designing his own electric hammered dulcimer. The dulcimer is his main instrument, but he is proficient in piano and many percussion and world instruments.


Darren Brush

Darren is the newest member of our team and brings many years of experience in music and music retail to our staff. He is a true and loyal utility player around the shop. Most may know him from his years in the Indianapolis music scene with various acts, but Darren has a decade of tour experience under his belt.

Darren has an Associate of Arts in Live Sound and Bass Playing from the Musicians Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, CA, and is certified in many engineering softwares. His knowledge of music gear is extensive to say the least. He is currently heavily invested in learning the craft and art of being a luthier. He is always coming up with new and different ideas for instruments. His main instrument is bass guitar, but is proficient in many others, including the Chapman Stick.



Kami Easlick

Kami is originally from Danville, IN but has a heart for the northern winter. She is our trusted Violin family instrument luthier. No job or instrument is too small or large for Kami's talent and fine eye for detail. She works to make sure our violin offerings are up to par and ready to play. She is currently mastering the skill and art of the perfect bow re-hair. 

Kami is the last of our Southeast Tech Graduates with Diplomas in Violin Repair and Band & Orchestra Instrument repair. She is a true craftsmith and enjoys making spoons and other things out of beautiful woods. Her main instrument is the clarinet, but these days she plays more violin and hammered dulcimer. She is currently learning to play the hurdy gurdy and any instruments she gets her hands on. She hopes to build her first electric bass in the foreseeable future.