Custom Builds

This is where your imagination and budget meet to create what you've always wanted from an instrument. 

We aim to build whatever you want. Acoustic, Electric, Acoustic/Electric, It's up to you. An Instrument at Indy String Theory is built with the player in mind.

We will design and perfect your instrument every step of the way. You can also receive updates, a copy of your custom instrument's blueprint, and an image of a 3D rendering.



Here at Indy String Theory we have the fortune of not only having our own workshop, but our finish booth as well. Looking to upgrade, but can't seem to find an instrument that plays as nice as yours? Give us a call and we'll discuss the best and most affordable way for you to give your instrument a fresh look! 

Please Note:  We do not like the idea of re-finishing vintage instruments unless under a certain circumstance. Old and cracked finishes help retain the value and history of the instrument.

Other Ideas


A lot of players have no preference or care of brand names. Maybe YOU are one of these people? In that case, let's create your own "Franken-Instrument." We'll find the existing parts you love to create a look and sound that fits you! A more cost effective way to have the instrument of your dreams.


Let's build a Kit

Another very cost effective way to have the instrument you've always wanted. Choose from any number of instrument construction kits available in our store or online and we'll make it yours!


Laser Work

Want a custom inlay, unique items for your merch table or festival booth, or just something made especially for you? Give us a call at (317) 502-9184 and tell us what you have in mind. We'd love to help!